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Look who arrived! I was so excited when I saw the box, even though I was running to catch my cab, so I opened their box at the airport.

They. Are. So. Soft.

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John and Sherlock!
Recent pictures from my bestie!
John will be listed on my store before the end of the week
John and Sherlock will be sold as a set and individually.

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Toast!Sherlock insists he had his confirmation number and could handle one stupid, mass-produced gate keeping machine. Toast!John eventually had to step in, while Toast!Sherlock pretended he was too busy with his phone to bother.

Toast!John also held onto the tickets.

Toast!Sherlock refused to take the escalator and Toast!John told him to find his own way. He hangs around airport security without going in, and yep, Toast!Sherlock is mystified by the entire process.

His lack of interest flips to outrage when the slouching TSA agent orders him to remove his scarf. He’s beginning to wag his finger in her reddening face when Toast!John slips between them, puts his palm on Toast!Sherlock’s chest and walks him back 2 paces, while he gesticulated and growled. Then he neatly untied the scarf, and whisked it into the bin with his soft-sweater.

He leans into Toast!Sherlock’s space and says: “If you can make it through the next 10 minutes without pissing off any underpaid security agent, I will tell you about the mercenary I met in Afghanistan who said he had buried his treasure in India.”

Toast!Sherlock huffs at the clear manipulation, but is relatively quiet. Toast!John nearly causes a fuss after Sherlock is selected for special groping by the TSA agents, but Toast!Sherlock bears it with a dignity Toast!John hadn’t seem from him since he sat in Buckingham Palace without his jam.

Toast!John was nearly relieved when Toast!Sherlock grabbed his sweater and smirkily started to struggle it on. Toast!John just grabbed his blue scarf and started walking into the terminal.

He sat at a cafe, and when Toast!Sherlock tossed the stretched-out sweater on the table, unable to get it over his head, Toast!John just smiled and handed him his scarf. They sat as Toast!John began to tell him of the four-man conspiracy, the mercenary’s time in military prison in Indonesia, and he watched him slowly unwind. When Toast!John thought they could begin to interact with normal humans without beginning an international incident no one but Toast!Mycroft could sort out, he finished his tea and stood, Toast!Sherlock trailing on after him.

At the gate, Toast!John informed Toast!Sherlock he was taking a nap on him, and he did. He was very soft. An hour later, Toast!Sherlock nudged Toast!John awake and they wandered over to the broad bay windows to watch the sun rise, waiting for their row to be called.

And this is why she is amazing.

John Watson MoreToast will be listed by the end of this week.
Sherlock Holmes MoreToast is on sale now.
They will be sold individually and as a set

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Toast!Sherlock and Toast!John made it on the flight!

So a little while ago I sent my bestie a Sherlock and John set of Toast, with my prototype for my John Watson Toast.
Here they are on a plane!!!!

Is it vain to be absolutely enamored?

John Watson and Sherlock will be sold as a set and individually on
John Watson will be listed by the end of this week.

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